Sometimes a Book Comes Along

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Sometimes a book comes along and you just have to tell everyone that they have to read it.  Taiyi Shengshui: Watery Chaos (ISBN 13978-1475041873) is that book.  Maybe its not the most profound poem ever written, by no means can it be compared to a Shakespearean sonnet.  Maybe it is not even on the same level as a hat and cat book.  Maybe it's just plain stupid and all the press it is getting isn't worth it.  People aren't going to be waiting in lines at the bookstore for days to buy a copy.  People are going to go out and get good jobs with big salaries just because they read this book.  People aren't going to find God because of this book.

 It's not going to be on anyone's bestsellers list.

 It will never be made into a blockbuster movie.

 Oprah won't endorse it.

 But it is that one book you should read.  Especially if your lost, weak, weary, or heavy laden.  If you have questions about things that no one else will answer, maybe you can find peace of mind from this little poem. 

That's a big claim for a book that no one's going to read.  But I think it's true.

I think if you let yourself, let yourself get past the awkward typography, the strange page layout, the childish repetition, the obvious philosophy; let yourself just go with the flow; just let yourself go.  Maybe, just maybe, on some level something may resonate with your soul.  Maybe everything will just fall into place.  Maybe you can find truth in this little book that big books hide.  Maybe the truth is just a simple as a line from this poem.  Maybe it takes one match to start a fire.  Maybe it takes one read to turn your life around.

It could happen.  Not likely, but it could.  This book doesn't have what it takes to make it.  But it should.  Sometimes a book comes along and you just have to tell everyone that they have to read it.  Maybe this little love poem to the cosmos is that book.

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Mr. Young is a nationally recognized, board certified Activity Consultant for geriatric care in long-term healthcare.  He works at his local nursing home. He is the author of Tao Te Ching: the Old Man's Guide to the Virtuous Path(ISBN: 978-14528653000). He is currently  building his consulting service based on the simple truths of Taoism and offers a Taoist Manager Activity Director training course. 

He founded Simplified Book Publishers in 2011.

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Sometimes a Book Comes Along

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This article was published on 2012/03/20